After months in wonderful tranquility, creativity and numerous yoga classes- someone has returned!

I did not know how much I missed you- PSYCHO – welcome back in my Life !!

I had the feeling I was searching for something new…that something is waiting for me.
I had no idea that something really well known is knocking on my door. INSIDE !
It’s a huge part what belongs to me.

I guess I was afraid. At some point I pushed you away. I thought you would not fit into my yoga world.

You were hurting me 4 years ago! I had my accident and my healing path was so f****** long.


I love you so much because you brought the light through the darkness!
I learned so much over the last years about myself. Without you I would not be a yoga teacher today.

Without you I could not teach. What would I teach about ?

All my experience and my deepest pain are my personal authentic story !!

You created me…you made me strong…

It was not me who has pushed you away…I think you were leaving to give me time to heal. Time to understand and become creative.

…to become grateful for you… for everything that happened!

You are back !! So present…

I was booked for a sport model shooting in south france and ended up being in the mountains with the most wonderful team.
One of the most beautiful shootings I’ve ever had !!
Everything was just perfect… the weather, the team energy, breath taking nature!

I remember the question up in the mountains „ Maren, do you know clipless pedals“ ? Well- NO !!! :-)

So, I had to learn how to ride a mountain bike with clipless pedals…that means in no time because the photographer
was already waiting for me.

I had so much fun and adrenaline was rushing through my veins. Of course I was touching the ground as well & I had to
pack some bruises in my suitcase :-)

Something happened to me up in the mountains.

I remembered the amazing conversation I had.
I had problems riding my bike up hill. It was really difficult for me. So I got a beautiful & helpful advice – “Maren don’t focus on what’s in front of you,
don’t get disturbed by the rocks- do not let them bother you !! Look up and focus on your Aim“!

That’s life right ?!! I was so grateful for this message…and it’s so true !! I jumped on my bike. It was much easier and more fun with focusing on my aim !!

I guess I had to experience that moment on purpose!

Of course we are reading or hearing those beautiful sentences from other people but we have to experience these moments !!

We have to live these things called – true life experiences!

I can read 1000 yoga books, i can do 1000 yoga asanas and meditate for 1000 Minutes -

but I am still Maren Zänker and have to experience life.

We all have a inner process and I believe that my best way to understand and to feel that process is to do yoga.
After dealing with the inner process the next step is coming!
What has awakened inside myself wants to get experienced in the outside..and the same way other way around!

Equilibrium !

Yes, I love my spiritual world, creating and giving as a yoga teacher but I love my action world as well, living my dreams
and jumping into the crazy unknown.

I learned during the last years to take care about both parts of myself… and i am still learning!

Silence & Action

I trust my soul… whether being a yoga teacher, stunt woman or sport model…

I don’t care- as long my soul is happy !!!

Do not compare yourself with others! Stop caring about what others might think!

You have to find your own path… your true self- and than go for it !!

I believe in you- the same way I believe in myself !!




The most important step- and perhaps the most difficult- is to feel safe within yourself….

First of all, this photo was taken by the wonderful artist and one of my best friends ANNA KOTT! I love being creative with her. Always when we start shooting, our souls are deeply connected. Diving into the timeless beauty!

I especially enjoy the powerful feminine energy that flows through and into the camera.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the meaning of the picture because it’s not just a woman in a sexy outfit & in a hollow back posture.

The door is open and you have to trust whatever you will find inside… inside the unknown. Inside yourself.
It is your choice of the timing. Whenever it feels right for you.
You can enter your temple….

The dress – black & white – reflects the collected life experiences. Around and in your body…
The hands are deeply rooted… the toes want to crawl up… trying out new things…curious about life! The heart is completely open…

The empty frame is waiting for the colorful picture….

start to observe…start to paint…and feel the colors…find your own style.

clean up what does not belong to you…

create your own way – and become your true self !!

and now….trust

walk your path without thinking what other people might think about you!

Let your heart shine…. bright – yes open up and fly !!

LIKE A BIRD – open the window

and feel safe within yourself !!!

Never forget- yes I mean you! You are wonderful as you are !!

with so much Love,
Psycho Buddha

A postcard from Wales…

Last weekend I was able to admire for the first time Wales.
The nature is breathtaking, magical and healing. It has very much been raining but i felt a sense of gratitude in the air how much nature has enjoyed it !! Unfortunately, I got sick. A weird “alien throat infection“… lol. After weeks without a break suddenly in wonderful nature- Of course the truth breaks out… i take it as a gift from Wales. My body & soul is really grateful… finally the psycho slows down. Back home and just happy in bed after teaching the last days.

As a yoga teacher, I thought I would have enough moments of peace but I guess moments are not enough !! Being a yoga teacher is still a job… connected with lots of physical and mental effort.

WE need a certain amount of time in which we do NOTHING !!! Everyone !!!

HOLIDAY !! just being…. becoming one with ourselves again… fresh air…. beautiful nature….rain… sun…snuggle up with your loved ones !!

like a kid in the summer break !! Damn- i miss those days !!! 6 weeks off !!!

So Ladies & gentleman – book your flights !!! Holidays are waiting for you !!!

I did…. and i can’t wait !!

veröffentlicht am 24. März 2014